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Teacher: Umair Tariq / Dr Arif Malik

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Fee/Duration: Free (Unlimited)

Course Overview

This course is designed to to give an extensive overview to the teacher who will be teaching different courses on our platform. The course is a step wise introduction and explanation on the different modules and functionalities offered by www.TutoCademy.com. Essentially teacher will have access to video tutorials on how to setup a course, setup, create content on the platform and use the different reporting tools that give the teacher effective learning and evaluation methods. As this is an interactive course, this will comprise of a series of recorded lectures along with different contents which the teacher will learn to use in his/her courses. The course also has the option of interaction with the teacher via discussion forums, chats sessions or direct message to address any query that needs to be clarified.

About The Teacher

Umair Tariq is the one of the founders of this project and will be taking you through a step by step training tutorial of this platform (www.TutoCademy.com). The objective is give a common platform to all those who will be teaching on this website.

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Created by: TutoCademy

Taught by: Dr. Arif Javed
Taught by: Umair Tariq

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