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Teacher: Zia Uddin Qureshi

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The Mathematics course for O-Level Examinations consists of around 51 topics which will be taught in three parts. Each part will be taught over a duration of 6 months and the course will last for a total of 18 months. This part is classified as O1. This course, which we will be covering in 18 months, is taught over a period of 3 years in schools. We will be maintaining a fast pace using different high-tech facilities. Upon the completion of the course, students will be fully prepared to appear in O-Level examinations and will also be able to successfully apply for different entry tests for universities. It will be an interesting journey through this course and we anticipate to work together to achieve excellent results and a sound understanding of Mathematics. As this is a INTERACTIVE course, which implies that the course provides lecture recordings which the student can access at their own time and pace. Student can interact with the teacher on chat session, discussion forums and even by sending direct messages. A variety of other tools will be available for the students to make this course a valuable learning experience.

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About The Teacher

Zia Uddin Qureshi has an M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics with over 10 years of experience in teaching O/A-level Mathematics. He is certified with Stage 2 Intermediate Course in Cambridge O Level Mathematics D (4024) conducted by Cambridge International Examinations. His students have achieved outstanding results in Cambridge Examinations in the past. With his articulate style of teaching, struggling students have managed to move from Grade C to Grade A*. Mr. Zia emphasizes on clarity of mathematical concepts when teaching so that students can understand formulae and questions with ease. He delivers classes in a manner which increases students’ interest in solving mathematical problems, hence enhancing their overall understanding of the subject..

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Taught by: Zia Uddin Qureshi

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