Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Find below answers to the basic questions or queries related to the service, product or technology!

How do I enroll into a course?

Answer - From the home page, browse to the course page which you intend to enrol into. Once on the course page, you will find an "ENROLL ME" button at the bottom of the page. Click and create your account to complete the enrollment process (if you already have an account then just sign in). For more details, check out the "HOW IT WORKS" section on home page.

Can I access the platform and service on mobile phone and tablet?

Answer - Yes. The service works on all devices including computers, tablets and smartphones. The user needs to have a good internet connection to be able to use the service.

Does the platform support iOS and Android devices?

Answer - The platform work on both iOS and Android devices. All that is required is a browser window to access the platform.

Are there apps of TutoCademy for iOS and Android?

Answer - We currently do not have apps for iOS or Android. But we plan to introduce them very soon.

How do I make the payment for course subscription?

Answer - We offer two methods of payment.
1. Cash collection
2. Bank deposit
For details, please visit the "Payments and Discounts" section

Are there scholarhships for students who cannot afford the service?

Answer - Yes. We offer scholarships to deserving students. Please visit our "Scholarship Program" section for more details.

What is the duration of a LIVE, INTERACTIVE and STATIC course?

Answer - LIVE an INTERACTIVE course span over a period of 3 months. While a STATIC course will be of 12 month duration.

Can I attend the live session on my mobile phone or tablet?

Answer - Yes. You can attend the virtual classroom session as a student using your smartphone or tablet device. Again it only requires a browser window to run the application, hence all smartphones and tablets are supported.