About Us

TutoCademy, a brand of Learning Hub Private Limited, is an online learning platform geared towards helping students with online coaching at various educational levels.

Access to quality education is a problem faced by many individuals in this country. A country with growing rapidly growing population, the limited supply of good educational institutions is not enough to cater to the demand. Hence increasing competition resulting in only a few gaining access to the prestigious institutes and the best teachers. The students who reside in lesser developed cities have very few options in that regard and hence tend to fall behind when it comes to competing at national or international level.

Learning Hub Pvt. Limited was basically founded on the underlying premise that there is great imbalance in demand and supply of education in Pakistan. As a result, majority of individuals are left with either none or limited access to proper educational resources and thus making them unable to compete in their respective career field.

Learning Hub Pvt. Limited currently has two brand which focus on different market segments; namely TutoCademy.com and Corporata.com

Brand Logo Target Market
Tutocademy.com Academic Education with focus on coaching
Corporata.com Corporate training and skillset development

TutoCademy focuses on providing after school coaching and getting student ready for the ultimate test - "The Exam". In a country where after school coaching is almost a necessity (survey predicts 59% of students in Paksitani's opt for after school coaching - the urban/rural breakup being 67%/55%)

TutoCademy essentially tries to address this need of student who are relatively weaker in class and require extra coaching hours to compete with the rest of the class. But not everyone has access to quality teachers after school hours. TutoCademy aims to provide students the facility of having after school coaching from the best teachers at the convenience of their home and on their preferred time.

It differentiates from conventional coaching as follows:

  • Allows student to learn from teacher as well as fellow student on an interactive platform
  • Learning is not time bound - student can attend live classes as well as view lecture recordings if unable to attend class
  • Learning is not location specific - students whether at home or one the move, can attend class with a mere requirement of a technology device and an internet connection
  • Saves on the excessive travelling which is exhaustive for the student and parent
  • Parents can actively monitor their child's performance and evaluate progress