Teacher: Rana Adnan Ashraf

Status: Enrollment Open 

Fee/Duration: 10,000/Mth

Course Overview

Pakistan studies is considered to be a very complex and sometimes a boring/dry subject but this course tries to teach in such a way that students will find it fun and exciting. This course covers both history and geography portions of the course and will also develop discussion to enhance learning and develop student concepts.

This is a LIVE course meaning that student will have access to live session which will be conducted 2 days a week with recordings of those sessions available for the students to view multiple time. Student will also be tested on concepts via quizzes and assignments while also having the facility to interact with fellow student via topic wise discussion. Students will also have access to the teacher 24/7 via direct message for any query that they may have regarding any topic.

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Introduction by Teacher

About The Teacher

Rana Adnan Ashraf has an MSc in Pakistan Studies and possesses over 18 years of experience in teaching Pakistan studies. He has been in teaching in various renowned institutes of Pakistan. The author  18 years experience of teaching Pakistan studies which has been squeezed into this book.