Teacher: Rana Adnan Ashraf

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Fee/Duration: 600 (6 Mth)

Course Overview

A* Notes for Pakistan Studies is an amazing contribution on behalf of the author for the students of O’Levels / IGCSE & general readers. Pakistan studies is considered to be a very complex and sometimes a boring/dry subject but after reading this book, students will not get the impression of fatigue and boredom. The knowledge and analysis presented by the author on different topics is quite appreciable. The students can easily obtain “A* & A”grade after preparing from this book. The Easy-Summary of Geography” has really made the content easy to understand for the students especially for those who have a fear of “bulky Geography Text-Book”. The style of the author is very “student-friendly” indeed. 

This is a digital book which consist of comprehensive notes compiled chapter by chapter which graphical and animated content. After every chapter, there are discussion which allow students to interact with each other  as well as the teacher and discuss on topics. The student also has the benefit of contacting the teacher anytime around the clock for queries related the book.

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About The Teacher

Rana Adnan Ashraf has an MSc in Pakistan Studies and possesses over 18 years of experience in teaching Pakistan studies. He has been in teaching in various renowned institutes of Pakistan. The author  18 years experience of teaching Pakistan studies which has been squeezed into this book.