Teacher: M. Farhan Khan Abbasi (ECC)

Status: Enrollment Open

Fee/Duration: 18,000 (2 Mth)

Course Overview

This course is specifically designed to facilitate all the requirements of Highest Competitive Examinations. All the content mentioned in the syllabus of FPSC/Other Competitive Examinations (Provincial) shall be completed under this course. Further, all the relevant and recommended books along with past paper solutions shall be taught.

Area of studies include Introduction to I.R, Theories of I.R , WW-I and WW-II,  I.R since 1945, Foreign Policy of Major Powers, International and Regional Organizations, International Political Economy , International Law/ UNO , Foreign Policy of Pakistan etc. South-Asia Studies, Nuclear-Proliferation Regime, Global Political Issues, Current World affairs etc.

This will be a LIVE course with 1 hour long sessions to be taught in the evening and the recordings of that session will be available for students once the session end. Students will also be tested via variety of evaluation methods to assess their learning outcomes. The students can interact with other students in discussion forums and chat session with also the facility of sending direct message to the teacher.

Monday - 2030 to 2130 hours
Tuesday - 2030 to 2130 hours
Wednesday - 2030 to 2130 hours
Thursday - 2030 to 2130 hours

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Introduction by Teacher Sample Video Lecture

About The Teacher

M. Farhan Khan, the founder of Executive Coaching Centre (ECC), is a highly qualified and experienced person and teaching International Relations for last 8 years. He has twice qualified the Highest Competitive Examinations of Pakistan (CSS), earned a degree in M.Phil. (Political Science) and Ph.D. (Research Scholar) International Relations. He has also Achieved 8.5 /9 Bands in IELTS, Secured C1 Grade in CAE (Certificate in Advanced English; University of Cambridge), Masters in Linguistics. He is also a renowned motivational Speaker and international Trainer for personnel administration. He is a certified trainer of IELTS recognized by the University of Cambridge.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ecc.farhan/

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx_Y6RslvhvaVSi4gxnGyTw