Teacher: Suhaib Irshad

Status: Enrollment Open

Fee/Duration: 10,000/Mth

Course Overview

O-level Islamiyat enables learners to develop an understanding of the importance of the major beliefs of Islam, and of the early history of the Islamic community. As a result, learners develop their knowledge and understanding of the main elements of Islamic faith and history, evaluating the meaning and importance of these elements in the lives and thoughts of Muslims.

This is an interactive course and will consist of live session, recorded lectures, quizzes, assignments, discussion and 24/7 access to the teachers. Student will also have round the clock access to all recordings so to clear any concept they are not able to able to understand.

About The Teacher

Suhaib Irshad has been teaching Islamiyat for over three years and is currently a faculty member associated with Beaconhouse School System. He has a strong history of producing very good results and maximum passed students .

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