Teacher: The Services Academy

Status: Enrollment Open

Fee/Duration: 2,000 (1 Mth)

Course Overview

This is a practice exam course designed to help students of FPSC and PPSC in terms of assessing and gauging their preparation for the exam. It comprises of daily practice test (5 days a week) for one whole month i.e. 20 tests per month where in students undergo a comprehensive exam.

This course which is of General Knowledge, is designed to give students ample practice to whole range of questions in a timed environment. In addition, students also get immediate feedback on each test with attained marks while at the same time getting correct answers to each question. This course also allows students to interact with other students in discussion forums at the same time having the facility of sending direct message to the teacher.

About The Teacher

The Services Academy was organized in 1993 by renowned bureaucrats and distinguished professors. In the earlier days only C.S.S. Classes were conducted on regular basis, but with the passage of time allied Competitive exams were included in its programs. Right now this institution claims to be the only institution in Pakistan that prepares the candidates for a wide range of competitive Exams. The Academy focuses on a variety of exams like Police, Customer, Income Tax, Railway, Banks, Revenue, Wapda, FIA, PIA, Education, I.B. ISI, Army and other allied exams. of NTS, Federal and Provincial Services.

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