Teacher: Omer Farooq

Status: Enrollment Open 

Fee/Duration: 20,000 (2 Mth)


The Retail Store Operations (Job Placement Course)  is focused on helping the participants identify, practice, and develop the skills they need to improve the quality of their store operations, reduce expenses, and improve operating profit. This is 2 month certificate program where the passing candidate will get a job offer letter at the completion of the program (however he/she will be required to complete on-job training for 2 months)

The certificate program is designed to educate the participants on broad spectrum of activities, from basic concepts to selling skills, visual merchandising, customer service, stock management and cash management. This is an interactive course, where students will have access to series of lectures, readings, activities and tasks that will be required to be completed in order to qualify for a completion certificate. Participant will also be required to attend physical training sessions at different locations across Pakistan (locations will be shared before the training session).

Who is This Course For?

This course is designed for the individuals who are either currently looking to start a career in retail sector or who are currently working in the retail sector and looking to move to a better organization.

Course Aim

The aim of this course is to go give individuals a thorough understanding of the retail store operation functions and what key areas one needs to focus on to generate results. This course not only focuses on academic part but also requires individuals to practically demonstrate those concept in real life environment through activities which will be conducted on retail stores. So in a nutshell, this course is a good blend of theory and practice to develop skill-set for individuals to enter and excel in the retail sector of Pakistan. 

Course Objective & Topics

The course will cover Module will cover following areas:

  • Basic Concepts in Retail Store Operations - Introduction to retail store management. Basic abbreviations and definitions. What are the responsibilities of retail store manager. Understanding retail store, retail store property management, retail store operations, retail staff management, retail store stock management, retail store sales management.
  • Selling Skills - This segment is designed for the retail store mangers to understand and train the sales team to operate on retail floor. The selling process will help participants to understand the selling transaction process and skills required to improve these steps. The participants will also learn which actions/behaviors should be avoided to present good selling experience to the customer.
  • Visual Merchandising Basics - Basic concepts of visual merchandising, elements of visual merchandising, basic responsibilities of retail store staff with respect of visual merchandising, color keeping, shelve and stock displays, colour theory, basic design fundamentals.
  • Basic Communication Skills for Managers - The communication process, why communication is misunderstood, understanding customer non verbal  messages, understanding the non verbal messages sent to customers. Techniques to improve the verbal communication. Interview skills. Team communication.
  • Customer Services - Basic concepts, what we mean by ‘extra mile’. How to manage expectation. The bounce back strategy. Tough customer handling.
  • Stock Management & Cash Management - Understanding the software (basic training on Candela POS). How to manage stock, stock receiving, stock transfers, stock taking.

Course Procedure

  • Candidate has to deposit Rs 1,000 (non-refundable) fee for test and assessment.
  • Course duration is two months and fee is Rs 20,000 (charged in full after assessment)
  • Please note the location of test carefully. The date and location will not be change, once finalized.
  • Candidate has to qualify (at least 50% marks) for selection.
  • The institute reserves the right not to disclose the assessment criteria.
  • The selected candidates will be given access to the reading material and video support. As soon as the student completes the reading of each module will attempt the assessment.
  • Students will be requested to participate in one day workshop on nearest location mentioned in their registration form.
  • After successful completion, a two months internship will be arranged for students to nearest destination mentioned in their application form. This might follow a permanent job by the same organization.
  • Rs 10,000 will be paid as stipend during the internship.
  • After successful completion of internship students will be given certificate.

About The Trainer

Mr Omer Farooq, the COO of Institute of Retails Studies, is a highly qualified professional retail consultant and trainer with over 20 years of experience working with leading high-end fashion brands and huge retails setups. He has held lead roles inside and outside the country driving the quality and customer standards as per the envisioned international best practices. He has deep retail experience in operations, distribution & warehousing, brand management, training & development.

How to Enroll into This Course?

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